Dr. Brian Wind started the development of the Steri-write device in 2010 and has been issued 4 US patents related to this novel instrument. Steri-write was conceived in response to a notable increase in hospital and community-acquired infections. Dr. Wind is a scientist and when challenged with any problem, he works to find a viable solution. Thus the idea of the world’s first hands-free writing instrument sanitizer was born.

Steri-Write Machine

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  • Steri-Write is the world’s FIRST and ONLY touchless UV-C pen sanitizer. This highly engineered device utilizes powerful germicidal LEDs and has been proven to eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses found on shared pens. Steri-Write holds 14 pens, dispensing a clean pen every time for each new user. Steri-Write is chemical free and eco-friendly, promoting recycling of pens back into the device to be re-sanitized.
    Product Features include touchless delivery system, energy efficient germicidal LEDs, automatic sanitizing chamber, 14 pen capacity, illuminated status icons, clean pen delivery cradle, slim modern design, desktop or wall mountable, and user friendly.

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